Grow Your Audience with Email

Right click on the email image you would like to use.
Save it to your computer.
Open your email editor and go to the settings area. We are using Gmail in this example.
In Gmail click on the cog in the top right and then select "see all settings"
Find the email signature area and paste in your email footer image. Once the image has been added, highlight it with your mouse and click on the link icon in the tools area below. See image.
Click the link icon highlighted in the image above to add your profile url.
In the popup window paste in the url to your Legitimate profile. You'll find this in the address bar of your browser when viewing your profile or it is showing on the "Grow your audience" page within the settings area.
Once you have added your profile URL click OK.
Lastly don't forget to click save at the bottom of the screen.
Congratulations!!! From now on your image will appear at the bottom of your emails and drive people to visit your profile.