Additional Tags

Title Tag ( lg:title )

The title tag should be no more than 100 characters in length. Any longer than that and it will be truncated.

<meta property="lg:title" content="The Rise of Commercial Fake News"/>

Description Tag ( lg:description )

The title tag should be no more than 160 characters in length. Any longer than that and it will be truncated.

<meta property="lg:description" content="What happens when news stories are false on purpose? How does this play into the typical definition of fake news?"/>

Tags ( lg:tags)

These are the tags that appear in Legitimate at the bottom of an article. We use them for filing and organising articles. Users can also follow tags and see all the articles that have been tagged with that specific tag. Each article can contain no more than 5 tags. Any extra ones will simply be ignored. Your tags should be separated by commas.

<meta property="lg:tags" content="Fake News, Misinformation, Fake Identity, Election Interference, Disinformation"/>

URL Tag ( lg:url )

This is simply the url that we will store in the system for linking to your article. If you would like to add parameters to this tag for tracking purposes that is fine.

 <meta property="lg:url" content=""/>

Image Tag ( lg:image )

The image tag is used to hold the image that we show for your article in Legitimate's results. If you do not supply an image we will look for the OpenGraph (OG:IMAGE) within your document and if it does not appear we will show a placeholder. You should try and create all your images in a 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio. Anything wider or taller and we will adjust it to fit. This could cause areas to be cut out.

<meta property="lg:image" content=""/>

Index ( lg:index )

If an organisation or company wishes to exclude its content from our search results they can do so using the "lg:index" tag with the "exclude" value. This will stop the content from showing up in search results if a person searches or browses the content section on Legitimate. Articles will still be added to a content creators profile page.

<meta property="lg:index" content="exclude" />

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