Required Tags

There is currently on one Tag that Legitimate requires.

Make sure to read the Approved Domain section at the bottom of this page.

Creator Tag ( lg:creator )

The Creator tag is the most important tag in Legitimate. Without adding a Creator Tag your articles will not get indexed. The creator tag contains a unique code that lets Legitimate know who created this page and what profile we should file it under.

<meta property="lg:creator" content="d20tz3PfdehwhSz9uKC0MgEkMWo"/>

You can find your Creator code by going to the settings area in Legitimate and on the lefthand side of the screen you will see a link called "Creator Settings".

When you click on the link you will be brought to a page containing your Creator code and an Approved Domains area. See image below:

Approved Domains Area

When Legitimate visits your page as it travels around the internet it reads your Legitimate Creator code and then cross references it against your list of approved domains. If the website containing your Creator code is not on the list of approved domains then the article will not get indexed. This is how we ensure people with bad intentions can not try and use your identity to publish content. Make sure that you add any websites that you intend to publish content on to your list of approved domains. Articles you add manually using the "Add content" button on your profile do not require to be listed here.

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